Write a Remarkable Chapter about Your Next Thai Vacation

Traveling to new destinations is one of the best ways to make and share memories that will last a lifetime.  And once in a lifetime, if possible, retracing the steps back to those memorable destinations can be even more enjoyable.  One couple decided to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary by doing just that.  They decided to make a long-awaited trip to Thailand their ultimate destination, but first retrace the little honeymoon they took the year they married, fresh out of college.  To do that, they first had to outfit their vehicle to handle the roads they would traverse as they worked their way north from Los Angeles to the coast of Monterrey Bay.  They spent lots of time making meticulous plans for stops along the way to see friends and family.  Many were childhood friends who had moved away from the big city and were enjoying the first few years of being empty nesters, retirees and in one case, a winery owner.  Using a tip from a friend, they searched and found a site called JC Whitney that stocked everything they needed to spruce up their old truck.  Granted it was years younger than the old beater they left the church in 25 years ago, but this one was about ten years old and needed some new technology updates.  Then, they searched and found a JC Whitney coupon on Groupon Coupons that saved them money on their purchases.  That really helped stretch their budget and added to the fun of planning the trip.

With the help of their JC Whitney coupon they equipped their truck with navigational systems, replaced worn parts, and tires and hit the road.  On their initial honeymoon, being a typical guy, instead of the groom asking for directions, they found themselves 25 miles from the highway cut off leading to their destination.  Tired and thirsty, they decided to pitch camp and retire for the night.  Today, she remembers it as a romantic start to their marriage.  He still bristles at the thought of sleeping on the ground instead of in the honeymoon suite he paid for.

After spending a few weeks with family and friends, their son drove them to the airport for the final leg of their destination, a beautiful all-inclusive resort near Maya Bay.  There they feasted on local cuisine, took in the sights of the beautiful city with its breathtaking views and marvelous sunsets.  You might not want to wait 25 years to enjoy your first trip to Thailand, and with low rates available, you won’t have to.  But you’re sure to write a chapter in your book of memories that will be just as remarkable.