What Cruise Lines Offer Cruises on the Great Lakes?

What Cruise Lines Offer Cruises on the Great Lakes?

There are several cruise lines that offer voyages in the Great Lakes region. The size of the rocks in the region prevents bigger ships from sailing through. Therefore, passengers can enjoy their voyages in intimate vessels that can occupy 200 passengers or less. The companies that provide sailing in the region include;

Victory Cruise Lines

Their ships are small and easily navigate ports, canals, and locks on the Great Lakes Cruise which are inaccessible by larger ships. The Victory ships can accommodate 202 guests and over 80 staff. They provide personalized services. The Victory Cruise ship has two lounge rooms, two dining venues, adequate wine, and beer supply, and an enriching onboard program that is all-inclusive. The Victory I and II offer spa and fitness services, immersive itineraries, and engaging excursions.

Ponant Explorer Cruises

They created two small new ships in 2018 which are elegantly designed, have cutting-edge technology, and are environmentally friendly. The ships, Le Champlain and Le Bellot have 88 staterooms with private balconies. The suites have private terraces and large windows. The crew of 110 people provide high-quality and personalized 5-star services. The ships have French design, décor, and services as well. The small size of the ships allows them to rediscover unknown places that are not accessible by bigger ships. Le Champlain and Le Bellot allow guests to swim, kayak and paddleboard

Pearl Seas Cruise Line

Guests will experience great luxuries aboard the Pearl Mist. The Pearl Mist offers voyages on Lake Erie, Huron, Ontario, Superior, and Michigan. On board the Pearl Mist, the visitors can enjoy large staterooms, amenities, immersive itineraries, and amazing dishes cooked with locally sourced ingredients by professional chefs.

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Viking Expedition

In the Viking Octantis cruise ship, visitors will experience Scandinavian roots and culture in the design, style, and furnishings. The visitors will have a rich travelling experience because the Viking ship offers many dining options, chances to engage with the travelling areas, and educational opportunities. Moreover, the visitors can ride in one of the ship’s 6-person submarines. The ship can occupy 378 passengers and has more than 180 cabins. Some of the eateries on board the ship include; The Restaurant, The World Café, Manfredi’s Italian, and Mamsen’s. The guests will get the opportunity to try out Italian dishes, Viking cuisine, and other dishes from around the world. The guests will be served complimentary beer or wine with every meal.

Blount Cruise Ships

This line is smaller compared to the rest. They are able to offer a very immersive experience because they can take guests to places where bigger ships cannot. The Grande Caribe and the Grande Mariner can accommodate 84 passengers each. The amenities, dining, and cabins are modern.


These lines offer immersive experiences, high-quality amenities, delicious cuisines, and high-quality services to passengers on board their ships. They take passengers to breathtaking destinations while explaining the historic background and culture of the places and inhabitants. Moreover, the guests get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and ways of life of the people in the voyage destinations. The immersive experience and adrenaline-filling activities will be memorable.