What Cities in Europe Offer River Cruises?

What Cities in Europe Offer River Cruises?

Cruising is the best way to experience other people’s cultures, see the most fascinating buildings and attraction sites in the world. There are many European cities that offer river cruises. To get the most out of your river cruise, you need to work with a great cruising company. Cruises from Authentic Voyages has helped over 20, 000 visitors to explore and experience Europe in a unique way. These types of trips enable families and friends to experience something new. That is why you should invest your money in this reputable river cruise line to get the best experience. There are several cities that offer European river cruises.


Amsterdam is considered one of the biggest cities in Europe. It is the capital of Holland and Netherland provinces. Amsterdam has a large network of canals and has a buzzing nightlife, great food, and wonderful tourist attraction sites. Many people in Amsterdam use bicycles. The city contains inspiring art, ethnic dining, and breathtaking architecture. Some places to visit while you are in Amsterdam include; Old Center, Jordaan, Jewish Quarter, De Wallen, and Rembrandtplein.


It is a popular city for art and food lovers. It is situated on the Garonne River. Despite its small size, Bordeaux is often compared to Paris, the city of romance. Bordeaux has historic architecture, wineries, and romantic views and is a great place for foodies and art lovers. Bordeaux has more than 6000 wineries, Europe tour packages some being family-owned and operated while others are large businesses that have been operating for centuries. Some popular wineries are Chateau Margaux and Liber Pater. Bordeaux has more than 3o Michelin-starred restaurants that have different cuisines from around the world.


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Budapest has been inhabited for more than 2000 years. Currently, it has a mixture of historic and modern beauty. Budapest is near the Danube river, which is perfect for sightseeing and fishing. The Danube used to be a trade route decades ago but has grown since. Some districts around Budapest and the Danube river are world Heritage sites. Some interesting places to visit in Budapest are; Vajdahunyad Castle, The Chain Bridge, Margaret Island, and The Hungarian Parliament Building. Other locations are the Jewish Quarter, Central Market Hall, and Szimpla Kert.


Frankfurt was rebuilt after World War II and now has 9 tallest buildings in Germany. Frankfurt also has interesting museums where art lovers can view artifacts from its history. Visitors will see the Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew, The Palm Garden, the Goethe House Museum, and the Old Opera House. Frankfurt cruises are very enjoyable and the weather is very pleasant.


Munich has a rich historic and cultural heritage. It has interesting architecture, dining, and art. Some interesting attraction sites are New Town Hall and Frauenkirche Cathedral. Munich also has interesting festivals like the Oktoberfest and the annual Munich Spring Fest. You can partake in the festivals and events.


If you want to get the best European river cruise experience, book with the best cruising company that will deliver beyond your wildest expectations. Cruising during holidays is a great opportunity to experience new things but it is rare. Therefore, seize this chance to get great cruising options with Authentic Voyages and enjoy your cruising experience.