Useful Travel Tips For When Visiting Maui

Maui is one of the most popular travel destinations in Hawaii, which is definitely not a shock since we are talking about the second largest islands that Hawaii has to offer. Millions of people visit every single year and the travel industry is strong. Tourists can choose out of numerous accommodation options, from Maui beach condos to world-class hotels, and there are countless facilities that will make the stay truly memorable.

If you are planning to travel to Maui, you surely want to make everything as memorable as possible. This is exactly what the following tips will help you out with. Plan your visit to Maui only after you go through the advice offered below.

Reaching Maui

The main airport of Maui is Kahului Airport but there are also 2 smaller airports for commuters: Hana Airport and West Maui. You can find many different airlines that offer direct flights. It is also possible to go to Honolulu International Airport, which is in Oahu. Daily ferry services are available from and to Lanai.

Travel Tips For When At The Airport

Before you travel to Maui for your vacation, consider the following:

  • You can only check in 2 bags per person.
  • One carry-on baggage is allowed per person, together with personal items like purses, cameras, briefcases or notebook computers.
  • Always hang an identification tag to the baggage.
  • Carefully check weight restrictions for baggage.
  • After you check-in, a security scan will be done.
  • When you live from Hawaii, baggage has to go through the Agriculture Quarantine process.
  • Always follow recommended airport boarding time and arrival offered by the travel or airline agency. Make sure you arrive at the Maui airport as early as necessary.

Maui Accommodations

Maui offers many different accommodation options. This includes hotels, rentals, bed and breakfasts and high-end resorts. Hotels and resorts are available in Wailea, Kapalua, Kaanapali, Makena, Kihei and Lahaina.

One of the best parts of visiting Maui is that you can choose any day of the year. Average temperature ranges between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer is officially between April and November. This season is drier and warmer. The winter is just a tad bit cooler. Trade winds are keeping everything quite comfortable all around the year. If you want to enjoy a drier atmosphere, choose the western side of Maui.

Traveling While In Maui

You can travel in Maui by tour bus, public transportation, taxi or shuttle. However, if you are interested in experiencing real Maui, the best thing you can do is to reserve rental cars. Do this in advance because many want to do the same thing. Rentals are normally best taken at Kapalua Airport and Kahului.

Currency Exchanges

One of the best things about Hawaii is that the official currency is the USD. Currency can be exchanged at the Kahului Airport, at the airports on the other neighbor islands and at the resort destinations. Also, credit card acceptance is high, with many ATM machines being available. You might also be able to use traveler’s checks but you should prepare for this in advance.

What Should You Pack?

Hawaii is warm so you want to pack summer attire. Sweaters and jackets are needed for colder evenings. When you want to visit the higher elevations, like the stunning Haleakala National Park, bring some warmer clothes. Ties and suits will rarely be worn but you do want to pack some resort wear or casual dress clothes so you can have a great time experiencing some of Hawaii’s renowned nightlife. Flip-flops and aloha shirts can be bought as you reach the destination.

Tipping In Maui

Because of the connection between Hawaii and the US, regular US tipping standards do apply. This means:

  • Bars – Up to $1 per drink
  • Restaurants – Between 15 and 20 percent
  • Luggage Porters – $1 per bag
  • Housekeeping – $1 per bed, every night
  • Taxi – %15 per fare
  • Room Service – Between 10 and 15 percent of the bill
  • Doorman – $1 when calling taxis

Electricity And Internet

You can so easily find internet access when you are in Hawaii. However, you may want to know that US electricity is 120V at 60 Hz. When you use a device that does not accept such voltage, it is important to pack a voltage converter. Alternatively, you can buy such a gadget when you are already there.


Besides the traditional Hawaiian, the other official language is English. You will not have communication problems and there are many different resort areas where customer service representatives actually speak Japanese.

The Agricultural Inspection

There are strict rules that are in place in regards to uninspected animals and plants exportation. There is a declaration form that needs to be filed for every person that arrives in Hawaii. As you depart, the luggage has to go through a specific pre-flight screening. The border officers check for uninspected plants and fruits. The inspected fresh fruits and flowers can then be taken home. The items that are mailed home or bought when at the airport are going to be automatically inspected.

Final Thoughts

The advice above is surely going to help you make your Maui trip much more memorable, which is surely what you want at the end of the day. Try to plan as much as possible and make a list of all the attractions you will have on your schedule. This will make everything much better and you will have the time of your life in Maui.