Tuscany, A Beautiful Place To Vacation In Style With Friends

Tuscany may bring to mind The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the home of romantic love and all things romance, candle light dinners, and romantic songs…but this is far from the truth. People like to travel with their loves, both great and small, romantic or otherwise, and Tuscany is a perfect and stylish vacation spot for any manner of group. Vacations shouldn’t be limited to romantic couples . This really is a great place to vacation in style with friends.


Designing a vacation around a trip with friends certainly does not mean one has to stay in a hostel, there are suites, homes, castles, apartments, all sorts of accommodations for the discerning group. Activities can be tailored to a theme, or however one prefers. Shopping is a must, to garb oneself in the latest styles and trends, and really become immersive in the culture. Tuscany itself has a certain je ne sais quoi, that encourages a sense of fellowship and style, making it a premier destination for any visitors, and groups of friends will find a myriad of places, people, food, and experiences to create a vacation of a lifetime.


No matter what type of amusement and attraction, there is something for everyone, like the Carnival of Viareggio, one of the top popular carnivals in Europe. Something for everyone to watch, see, eat, and drink, it’s located in Viareggio and near many old and stylish hotels, where one can wine and dine, in style.


Perhaps off the beaten path, nestled in the hills near Fiesole, is the 15th- century villa Il Salviatino. Accommodations for visitors are created under the Italian gardens, inside the ancient greenhouse. Guests and friends will have plenty of space with 500 odd feet to share, huge windows to enjoy nature, and plenty of places to walk off indulgences in their labyrinth, an activity that would be much more enjoyable with a group of good friends.


Florence brings with it views of the iconic Piazzale Michelangelo, Accademia Gallery, along with the expected prearranged tours. On can even sample the night life in rented Fiat 500s, or sip wine across the lovely city, basking in the wonderful sights and sounds, an evening best shared with friends.


Night life and drinking with friends may bring to mind the club scene in New York City or other popular locations, but a bottle of wine can be a rare thing to find, but not in Tuscany. Once that wine has been located, one need someone to share it with, and a glass of wine is best shared with a group. Italian wine is some of the best in the world, and being there, being so close to the sources, seeing the sources, will bring any group of friends closer together. Pair that wine with the best food in the world, made from the best ingredients, groups will benefit from an abundance of stylish and quaint, fancy or simple, places to eat.


As for places to stay, well, style is often a matter of perspective, what one sees as style, another may not. Offerings range from the modern to the old world, with rich colors, and rich woods, to rich foods and amazing drinks to be shared. A quick search online will bring up a plethora of incredible beautiful places that a group could share, and places to make those memories in.


Not just a place for romantic love, Tuscany is a place for all loves. It pulls this off with a sense of old world style and class that is hard to find elsewhere, and is best when shared with others. Friends will find there are more choices than time to experience them in one of the world’s most stylish vacation locations.

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