Top Things to Do in Bali With Family – The Fam Jam Guide

Top Things to Do in Bali With Family – The Fam Jam Guide

In recent times South-East has played an emerging role in attracting travelers for tourism factory with its diverse elements and features where each destination of the South-East brought its uniqueness in making visitor trips memorable but there were two major destinations Bali and Maldives which had a strong hold on their visitors making sure that they visit them again.

Maldives primarily focused on honeymooners, while Bali focused on making sure that every family that visits Bali have a memorable trip.Also, Bali is one of the few destinations that creates a perfect blend of nature,culture and heritage integrated with modern concepts and infrastructure.

Attractions of Bali don’t require any additional support to guide you throughout your trip, these attractions can be fully enjoyed if they are explored on their own, though we have listed a few attractions that can help you to make them more cherishable if you are visiting it with Bali tour packages.

Explore Bali Safari and Marine Park

Wildlife is one of the most important elements that helps the family to connect. Bali is one of the greatest windows to explore nature with its large arcade of natural treasures.

Bali is one of the few destinations that offers its visitors both the windows of exploring marine and wildlife habitats in the same place. While visiting marine parks at Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, and Menjangan Island one can connect with marine habitat by activities such as snorkeling and diving which are thrilling and refreshing at the same time. While to cherish the miracle of wildlife one can opt between Ubud Monkey Forest and Bali Bird Park where one can enjoy the mischiefs of monkeys along with exploring wildlife which includes lions, tigers, elephants, rhinoceroses, and a large array of species of birds.

Moreover, it gives a complete package to explore and connect with the natural ecosystem with the help of natural beings.

Visit Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Tegallalang rice terraces open up a great gateway for families to connect with nature and enjoy peace with mind-bending scenic landscapes which are carved in lush green forests along with demonstrating the Balinese subak irrigation system which is ancient yet more beneficial than modern irrigation systems.

Visiting this destination also provides a window to peep into local and traditional Balinese culture and systems along with stunning panoramas engraved between coconut trees and traditional thatched-roof huts. One can also take advantage to try different Balinese cuisines in that area which can help to dive deep into Balinese culture.

Moreover visiting these terraces is a perfect blend of nature and traditional culture giving a great picture of Bali.

Experience Wildlife at Bali Zoo

We all might have visited several zoos in our lifetime but visiting Zoo in Bali is completely different and is one of the Must have experiences in a lifetime.

Visiting this zoo is also a compulsion for every adult along with children because, along with the properly maintained and well-preserved area located in the lush green forest, these zoos also educate each individual about wildlife preservation in a delightful method. This zoo is also a must-visit because it provides a perfect window to witness rare species which are considered to be lucky if seen once such as Sumatran tigers and Bornean orangutans to exotic birds and reptiles.

This zoo also provides an opportunity for visitors to explore the zoo at night with the “Night at the Zoo” program allowing visitors to explore nocturnal animals in their natural form. Moreover visiting these destinations provides a lot of information about conservation along with engagement with wildlife.

Trek to Mount Batur

Bali offers one of the safest yet most thrilling hike opportunities with its semi-flat terrains which are perfect as it provides an opportunity for everyone right from beginners to legends. Also, it’s a perfect window to connect with nature through scenic landscapes and panoramic views.

One of the most exhilarating treks is Mt Batur which is located 5,633 feet above sea level on an active volcano. The journey over here generally begins in the early morning as it takes 3 hours to reach the summit where one can get once in a lifetime moment to watch a mesmerizing sunset along with a trek that

contains a variety of terrains, from forested trails to rocky slopes in the way.

Moreover, it’s a sense of accomplishment along with witnessing a glowy cloud in utter silence and peace which is no less than a paradise.

Watch Devdan Show

If you are in Bali then watching the Devdan show is a must as it allows individuals to connect over the rich history, heritage, and culture of Bali with a dynamic blend of traditional dances, music, acrobatics, and cutting-edge technology.

It takes place at Nusa Dua Theatre, where different cultural identities of Indonesian islands which are Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and Papua are showcased with characteristics, costumes, and stories. But what makes this play special is its use of modern technology being used on a landscape and scenic backdrops. Moreover, it gives a deep example and demonstrates Indonesian culture in a creative way.

Day Trip to Nusa Penida Island

Just a short boat ride of half an hour from Bali one can have a day trip completely filled with natural treasures and gems creating a paradise for visitors mainly consisting of landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and rugged beauty.

Reaching Penida one can encounter a shore that is uniquely shaped, often labeled as T- REX, where one of the major attractions is its towering limestone cliff that dramatically falls into the turquoise water. Crystal, which is another attraction, is famous for activities such as snorkeling and swimming and spending a day peacefully at the seashore along with having a chance to encounter magenta rays. Moreover, a visit to Nusa Penida can be wonderful and worthwhile apart from travel which can be bumpy due to rugged terrains but can settle with a beautiful view of the sun while returning back.

White Water Rafting

Bali also offers perfect adventure opportunities for their visitors with several activities but if one wants to make it to the fullest then White water rafting is an opportunity for them where one can have fun and thrill at the same time along with exploring panoramic views through waterways.

While performing these activities participants are trained and guided along with safety gears which help them to navigate their paddles while performing the activity. Various locations such as the Ayung river provide space for every type of participant right from beginners to legends to explore waterways through various obstacles.

Moreover, it’s a great window for families to bond and have fun through nature and adrenaline.

Ubud Markets

Bali is filled with culture, heritage, and nature along with natural treasures and that’s the reason markets in Bali are so welcoming and diverse that creates a space for individuals from families to bond with one another through various products. One can also explore Cuisine in Bali which are paradise for food adorers providing a perfect treat for their taste buds

Ubud market is an amazing space to connect and explore among markets in Bali as these markets also provide different sections for art products that give a deep understanding of Balinese culture with their designs. Moreover, a perfect opportunity to connect with the local community and know more about best things to do in Bali


Overall visiting Bali with family is a nice option for a short trip which opens a window for families to connect with one another. Away from hectic routines and urban infrastructure wrapped around in nature, Bali gives a refreshing vibe for anyone, and no matter wherever you visit it helps one to connect with nature and along with that connect with individuals and fill gaps.