Top Reasons Travellers Love Visiting Auckland, New Zealand

Known as New Zealand’s largest city, travellers describe Auckland as the best place to have the most exciting fun. Tourists flock to this city year-round, and the local beaches surrounding the area simply blows other locations right out of the water. The visitors are most likely not surprised to learn that Auckland is named, “The City of Sails,” and they spend days exploring the beaches, tasting amazing food, and spending time with the amazing locals.

Once a small town, Auckland’s population has grown until even locals began to consider it the big city — the place where cars zoom down the streets at all hours of the day and night. New Zealand celebrities have wandered the streets in search of its delectable coffee, and tourists find this to be true without exception. In short, simply spending a day in Auckland makes the trip across the water worth it.

The Beaches

Once you arrive, your best course of action is to consider Rental cars in Auckland. In these vehicles, you gain complete control of your trip, and you never need to worry about memorising public transportation schedules. Once behind the wheel of a beautiful rental car, you must first take the time to visit Auckland’s amazing beaches.

In fact, so many beaches are available to explore in this city, you can start from nearly any location and find one nearby. Architects have built the centre of the city to flow out and off the water, and tourists love walking along the coastal walkway for hours. While walking, visitors never once leave the water’s edge or sight of the shore, and they experience unparalleled views of the ocean horizon.

The City

Once you have your fill of the beaches, you should drive your rental car into the city to explore a few of New Zealand’s best shops. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more are offered at discount prices along Queen Street, capturing the attention of deal-loving tourists. Alongside the many shops, you find cafés and other eateries offering amazing coffee, tea, and local cuisine.

In addition to great food and shopping, take the time to visit the Civic Theatre, Town Hall, Aotea Centre and Square, and more to find events happening nearly all months of the year. Whether you come in winter or summer, you can certainly find an exciting event to attend. If you care for adventure, make sure you also wander into a few of the side streets and visit the smaller cafés, bookstores, and small, family-owned shops that line the road. These locations have better and more unique items, and you do your part to support the local businesses.

The Nightlife

Whether you travel in a group, with family, or with a significant other, the nightlife found in Auckland should truly make your trip amazing. Imagine a city already alive with bustling locals and tourists who absolutely light up after the sunset. Compared to other restless cities, you find higher quality bars, friendlier locals, and better food in Auckland. In fact, you may never return to your accommodations until you simply cannot stand another moment of fun.

For these reasons and more, you simply must visit New Zealand.