The Bendy Woman Phone Stand Makes Traveling Easier

The Bendy Woman Phone Stand Makes Traveling Easier

Those of us that travel on a regular basis are always on the lookout for convenient items that help keep us organized without breaking our budget or sacrificing valuable packing space. We know the frustrations of clunky accessories and not being able to comfortably complete our on-flight tasks, whether we’re finishing up prep for a business meeting or keeping ourselves entertained. We know the struggle of trying to find our items in a carryon or trying to set our phone on the tray table without it constantly falling over or slipping. The Bendy Woman phone stand is one of those products that tucks away nicely in our travel bags but makes a big difference during our flights. With numerous benefits for the business traveler or daytripper, you may wonder why you haven’t added this small companion to your collection of must-have travel accessories.

Many of us rely on our phones or small tablets on the plane; these electronic devices are extensions of our daily lives. Many of us keep important documents or notes on our phones and tablets, making them essential for work and play. Music, podcasts, and movies may not seem as essential, but our ability to zone out while on the plane can make or break our flying experience. 

One Tough Cookie

This small, undeniably functional accessory comes in several fun colors and includes button cell batteries for the flashlight. Coming in at only 6 inches tall and less than one-quarter inch thick, this small, rubberized accessory is small enough for a pocket. Despite her small size, she is one of your most versatile tools for traveling and everyday life. Her arms and legs are flexible due to a strong-yet-lightweight wire skeleton. Bend her body in almost any way to hold your phone or tablet while on the plane. In addition to the flexibility to hold your devices, her rubberized body helps create grip around the slick surface of your phone or the seatback tray. 

A Shining Light

Tired of low light on a flight and fumbling to find your items without disturbing your neighbors? Bendywoman doubles as a lightweight flashlight to help find your earbuds, charging cord, or even those mid-flight snacks to keep your hunger at bay. Her eyes are the flashlight, shining two small, but bright, paths of light wherever you need it. Her flexible body allows you to bend her in a way that she can light your book pages while on a low-light flight. 

Flexibility to No End

Don’t underestimate her versatility: She’s more than just a phone stand. On flights, she can hold nearly everything for you, keeping your necessities within reach. Her flexible arms can hang onto the seatback pocket or tray. Bend her legs to hold your charger, earbuds, or snack bags. Bend her straight again to use her as a bookmark if you’re traveling with paper books. 

 Not Just for Traveling

She’s not only for travel; she’s small enough — and tough enough — to power through home or office life. At home, she’s a versatile table stand. Use her to hold your phone or tablet while reading recipes in the kitchen. Place her on your nightstand to hold your tablet for a late-night movie in bed; she can even hold your glasses! Use her at the office to display your business cards in a fun way. Not one to shy away from new people, she’s definitely a conversation starter and may even serve as an ice breaker. 

She may not seem like much at first glance, but she definitely ups your travel game and fits perfectly into your life. When you’re looking for something to help keep you organized, Bendywoman checks all the marks: Inexpensive, ultra-compact, functional, and fun.