Take A Trip To Beijing China That You Will Never Forget

The region all-around Beijing has historical origins dating back to 500,000 years. The city is one of the seven ancient capital locations of China that’s why many visitors books their cheap flights to beijing to visit this gorgeous  place. beijing is located on the northwest side of the North China Plain, adjoining Tianjin City to its east and Hebei State to its north, west and south. Beijing has 16 areas and two counties under its legal system, covering an area of 16,800 square kilometers. In the Warring States time period (403 – 221 BC), the state of Yan set up its capital here, as such, Beijing is also generally called Yanjing to this day.

The community and cultural center of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing, which is also named simply as the Jing, which indicates the Capital, can also be used to relate to the country’s leadership.

The contemporary People’s Republic of China as we know of today is started in 1949. The victorious communist government moved the capital from Nanjing to the existing day Beijing, re-establishing the city’s position as the national capital, a role it has played for over 700 years. In the meantime, Beijing grew to become the center for state policies, culture, and international exchange. It is one of the towns, which has the most institutions and the most superior educational level. It has the world-famous universities, such as Peking College and Tsinghua University. In this famous historical and cultural city, cultural heritage sites and scenic areas are to be found everywhere. Ancient palace groups, temples, parks, historic pagodas with rock carvings, imperial gardens and tombs, former residences of historical personages throng the city side by side with modern structures of museums and memorial halls.

In terms of cultural heritage sites, Beijing has 7,309 of them. Of those, The Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Peking Man spot at Zhoukoudian are on the UNESCO list Globe Heritage Sites. In addition, Beijing has over 200 scenic places open to visitors, such as the Beihai Park, the Summer Palace, the Ming Tombs, the Temple of Heaven, the Tanzhe Temple, Fragrant Hills, the Wrecks of the Yuan Ming Yuan, the Eight Great Sites, etc.

It is essential to know when to book your flights to beijing  and when you are coming as the city has unique four seasons which provide various experiences: short spring and autumn as well as lengthier winter and summer. The typical annual temperature is 13 deg C. The typical annual rainfall is 508 millimetres and the frost-free period is 180-200 days. What you are waiting for ?