Sensible, Healthy Traveling Products

Sensible, Healthy Traveling Products

Whether you are traveling for work, pleasure, or anything in between, keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy is priority number one. In these uncertain times, every effort you can make to improve your well being and keep yourself safe while traveling is money well spent. Healthy traveling products are a great addition to your travel kit and can make a great gift for friends and family on the go. Let’s take a look at some of the best traveling products to keep you healthy this season.

Mask Purifying Spray

Keeping a face covering on when around other people is an important step to keep yourself and those around you safe, but did you realize that keeping masks clean is just as important? Using a purifying spray is as easy as it sounds, simply spray a used mask as soon as you return home, allow it to dry, and reuse! Allowing the natural ingredients to purify and cleanse the fabric, making it fresh and ready to go for your next outing. Keeping a bottle in your go bag ensures your mask stays clean and ready to use, even if you don’t have access to a washing machine while traveling.

The G Key

We’ve all been there, it’s time to leave a room but there’s nothing to protect your hand from the bare door handle. You can sanitize your hands after you use the doorknob, but that doesn’t do anything to protect others from anything that could possibly be on your hands. The G Key helps to keep you and those around you safe and clean. It is a thoughtful and useful gift for loved ones who are always on the go, and a great addition to a travel bag or keychain. It even features a usable stylus for touch screen devices.

The Go Kit

An all in one go bag with everything you need for a safe and healthy trip. The go kit comes with amazing goodies, is TSA approved, and fits perfectly in any carry on bag. The G key is included for touchless door opening, keypad use, and more. A moisturizing hand sanitizer comes along as well to keep your hands fresh on the go, without compromising the health and wellness of your skin. Also included in the go kit are two super soft and antimicrobial face-covering masks to keep yourself and those around you safe, while still being comfortable and cozy. The last element of this perfect on the go kit is a pair of dissolvable multivitamins. A great addition to your travel routine, multivitamins help you feel your best and keep you healthy, no matter where you are. This perfectly curated go bag is a great gift for loved ones, or for yourself.

All Good Healing Balm

One of the aspects that makes a great travel product is the versatility of the item, if you can combine the best hand moisturizer, healing balm, and lip balm all into one product, that means more space in your bags for other fun things! The All Good healing balm is all that and more, and a definite necessity whether you are traveling alone or with others. From cracked heels to bug bites, to sunburns, the All Good balm is an all in one healing cream made from all-natural ingredients. This balm is a perfect addition to a travel bag and is just as useful around the home. Gentle enough to be used on children, this balm is truly a use all treat all.

Stay Safe, No Matter Where

In our modern pandemic world, it’s imperative to be prepared to keep yourself safe and healthy no matter where life takes you. From mask cleansing spray to touchless door openers, there are many great options to keep yourself healthy and safe.