Private Jet Charter

Bucks Budget: $$$$

The ideal number of squad members: 8-12

Best time of year: Anytime

Epicness /10: 10

So where is your destination? is it Sydney or Melbourne, it doesn’t matter whichever state you are in as this bucks party idea has zero restrictions based on your location. We are of course talking about hiring a private jet! take you and the boy’s sky hight and party like a true rock star in your very own private Jet.

Now we told you this list would be nothing but epic suggestions. No waiting around, no rules. The bucks party starts as soon as you step onboard. Can you bring Strippers on board? Go for it, there are no limitations to how awesome you make this.

Now you’re probably thinking this is going to be ridiculously expensive, and the truth is yes, this idea does cost a little bit more than just a pub crawl, but hey you get what you pay for and this is our favourite idea for making a bucks night memorable.

Our friends at Airly offer a great discount to their members for interstate private jet travel. Sign up and get a great deal, you’ll be living the baller life for just a few grand.

Bubble Soccer 

Budget: $$$

Ideal squad number: 10-16

Best time of year: Anytime

Epicness /10: 8

Bubble Soccer is a simple and fun way to ensure you bring loads of laughs and smiles to the day. Basically, everyone is strapped into a giant round suit and runs around trying to bump each other over and maybe kick a goal or two along the way.

The action isn’t limited to soccer, oh no, there are also other fun games including Bubble Bulldog, Bubble Sumo, Bubble Dodgeball and Bubble Pong, ensuring the day is one big laugh.

If this sounds like the idea for you then Bubble Sportz are the guys to call. They travel all across Melbourne and country Victoria, bringing the games to your local park, backyard, indoor gym or other suitable venues.

Sports Fishing Charter Off The Cape

Budget: $$$

Ideal squad number: 3-6

Best time of year: summer months

Epicness /10: 7

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This is something many of us have wanted to do for some time, get off the land and go catch a crazy big fish! However, it’s often too hard for all of your mates to coordinate the time off together. The good thing about weddings is the bucks parties and even maybe more so is that people never want to miss them!

The team over at Far North Sports Fishing know how to do the epic fishing trip. They are the number one fishing charter providers with top end gear, the best spots and cold beers always on deck.

From right up along the peninsula to way out beyond the reef, their flagship vessel the Blue Martini can sleep up to six guests and is catered by its own onboard chef so you can get your catch of the day cooked up straight from the ocean and into your mouth.

Bad Bunny Burgers & Babes

Budget: $$

Ideal squad number: 8-10

Best time of year: summer months

Epicness /10: 9

If you ask any bloke what he loves the most (besides his wife), he will tell you a delicious burger with a huge jug of beer to go with it. Now imagine all of that served up by a sexy stripper!

It can be easy to think you need to spend serious dollars to make your bucks night a bang, however sometimes just getting your mates together for some beers and burgers is all that you need. Add some sexy strippers to cook up the burgers as well as serve the beers and you have the recipe for one awesome bucks party! If you’re interested in this service then you just need to call the girls at Bad Bunny.

VR Experience 

Budget: $$

Ideal squad number: 4-6

Best time of year: any time of the year

Epicness /10: 10

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There are a number of  VR options available for those who are interested in technology and want to immerse themselves in an augmented or virtual reality experience. In Melbourne, there is VIRI VR which immerses you and your friends into an 80-minute virtual reality experience for just $35! That’s right to take your bucks party virtual and make it one that everyone will be talking about for years.

There are many different games and experiences available, from “walk the plank”, Archery or Racing and even a zombie outbreak game!