Paris is an Unforgettable Place to Visit

Paris is an Unforgettable Place to Visit

It is the dream of every tourist and traveler to visit Paris. The city is known as a romance destination for singles and couples from all corners of the world. It is easy to plan for a trip to visit Paris on Cathay Pacific. Start by including it in your list of to-do things. You will find lots of sites to visit for recreation, leisure, and fun. They include visiting historical sites, museums, art galleries, restaurants, movie theaters, and natural parks. A person can visit world-renowned sites that are constantly being featured in fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Reasons that Paris is famous

People visit the city for various reasons. There are so much sophistication and diversity in the city that is appealing for high-end travelers. However, it is affordable for individuals and families to plan for a trip to Paris. One needs to come up with the budget and save for the adventure. Most of the places you will visit, and activities that you undertake are famous worldwide. Due to the robust fashion industry, Paris is a great place to shop. Getaway destinations are all around the city that will give you a glimpse of the ancient French culture and way of life.

It is not boring to visit Paris since there are lots of indoor and outdoor activities that travelers can partake. The city is an ideal place to create memories with loved ones as you capture it in remembrance pictures. In this read, we are going to look at some of the reasons you need to plan a trip to visit Paris;

French Food

Lovers of foods and drinks can enjoy time spent in Paris. Many people around the globe are adopting French delicacies in their meals. It is the reason that chefs and foodies need to visit the city. This is where you will find some of the best cooks, and you can learn a thing or two during your trip to Paris.

There are lots of inventions in the global food that originate from Paris. From the appetizers, desserts, and main dishes, the city possesses some of the best restaurants to try out. Food places are unpopular with processed dishes but are common with traditional French delicacies. However, you can still find manufactured foods with a local touch to it.


There are lots of items that one can shop for when visiting the city. Paris is a host to lucrative fashion houses, but you can still buy quality merchandise from around the city. Avenue des Champs-Élysées offers an all-inclusive shopping experience for locals and foreigners. It is ideal to see some of the trending fashion and people rocking the apparel while walking around. Whether you are buying or not, it is worthwhile to visit the place and see what is on sale.

Art Galleries and Museums

France is a big player in art across western countries. The city’s art galleries have a wide collection of ancient and modern pieces. There is a lot to learn about the country and its people by visiting art galleries and museums. Galleries have thousands of art from local to international artists.

Nature Parks

Paris feels comfortable with the beautification projects around the city. It is therapeutic to spend time in nature, and you will enjoy the time spent in such places. Nature parks are ideal for families, including children, as there are activities that they can undertake on-site.

Buildings and Landmarks

Most of the buildings that you find in Paris has been in existence for more than two decades. However, many modern houses are creeping up the city in recent years. Paris got its outlook in the 19tn century when the government embarked on a drive to redesign the old city. The designer included nature in architectural designs and opened up the streets to make the city spacious. This is the Paris that we can see now.

The architectural designs in Paris buildings are something to savor. It is breathtaking to see the beautiful buildings and apartments erected in and around the city. Professionals find the buildings appealing, and you will find them taking photos of them while on business or leisure trips. Here are some of them;

The Palais Garnier

It is an ancient building that many people consider as the ultimate structural design. Palais Garnier plays a major role in the city’s culture and history. It has a rich history of showcasing artists in ballets and operas for over 200 years. There are guides to help you understand the heritage of the place and its importance to the city.

Arc de Triomphe

The French authorities use the Arc de Triomphe to remember people who fought in the Napoleonic Wars and France’s revolution. It is situated at the edge of the city, and you can catch an amazing view of Paris by climbing to the top.

The Eiffel Tower

This is a symbolic monument to the city. It is one thing that makes Paris popular globally. You will need to see the Eiffel Tower for yourself to experience the towering structure made of wrought iron. It goes higher than 300 meters from the ground. The tower brightens up at night to give a golden color through the lighting.

People always want to visit the site at least once in their entire life. Travelers get the chance to climb up the tower for a small fee. You can choose to take the lift or use the staircases to move up the tower. The cost differs according to age, and it is vital to be early since there are always many people lining up to climb the tower every day.

Other Structures

We have highlighted above just a drop in the ocean of the great buildings and structures around the city. Tour companies can organize site visits to such places at affordable prices. They have the personnel and infrastructure to make the trip worthwhile. Some places to consider visiting are Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre Museum, and others.


You can use bus or metro transport whenever you are visiting Paris. The public transport is efficient to move around the city.