Non-Beach Exciting Vacation Activities in Bali

Non-Beach Exciting Vacation Activities in Bali

Bali is known for its beautiful beaches, no wonder this island is Indonesia’s pride. However, many exciting activities can be done during a vacation in Bali and not just to the beach, for example, tours on the famous waterbom Bali rides.

There are also many other natural attractions that you can choose while on vacation in Bali. The many exciting activities there will add to your experience apart from just playing on the beach. You can also try adrenaline-pumping activities at several tourist attractions in Bali.

Non-beach Holiday Activities in Bali Apart from Exciting and Fun Beaches

To spend an exciting and not boring vacation in Bali, you should do unique and interesting activities that you have never tried. The following are tourist attractions in Bali that can also be an inspiration for you:

1. Walking Under the Sea

To enjoy the underwater beauty, you can do it without having to swim. The trick is to walk under sea water or we call it sea walker. You will be wearing an astronaut helmet to breathe underwater.

Then go down to the seabed with a depth of 3-5 m, and while you are there, Bali Tour Packages there are many things to do, like seeing what fishes are on the seabed and admire the beauty of the coral reefs.

2. Flying Above the Water

Another fun activity you can also do during holiday in Bali is flyboarding or flying on water. Unique sensations just like ironman walking on water, and you can experience it directly by doing flyboarding.

You have to put on a special type of shoes to be able to fly on water. Then, the high-pressure water will push your body upwards. At first, it won’t be easy to keep the balance, you will eventually become more stable over time.

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3. Wrecks of Planes

Bali always has a unique way of getting tourists to come. No wonder some restaurant spots have wrecks of planes as their centerpiece that can be used as a place to take pictures or look around.

4. Passing Under the Bunut Bolong Tree

Another uniqueness and fun activity that you can also do while in Bali is passing under the Bunut Bolong Tree. This tree is located in the Jembrana area, which is very large with a hole in the middle. So it is called the Bunut Bolong Tree, it is also famous for its myths.

5. Run or Walk on Campuhan Hill

The Ubud area of ​​Bali is known for its quietness, making it perfect for relaxation, such as walking or running. Try walking or running around Campuhan Hill Ubud while relaxing and unwinding.

Bali’s exciting activities will always be fun and offer different experiences for tourists. You can also choose one of these exciting activities while on vacation there.