Must-Do-Things In Penang

Must-Do-Things In Penang

If you have been looking for places to visit, then Penang must be one of the places that you have seen so many good reviews about. This city, located in Malaysia, has a lot to offer, and you simply cannot get enough of it!  Singapore to Penang flights are also quite affordable, but make sure you book early enough. Well, there are a lot of things you can do in Penang, which can make it even hard for you to decide where to start from, but fret not! After going through this article, you will at least find your way on where to start from. Here is a list of top 4 must-do things in Penang;

Hike Or Take A Train Ride Up The Penang Hill

Do you want a chilled experience or want to spice up your journey up the hill? Well, if you are for the former, then you can choose to take a train up the hill while for the latter, get to hike as you take breathtaking photos. Regardless of the choice you make, you will still get to enjoy all that nature offers while going on top of the hill. The train takes about 5 minutes to get to the top while hiking totally depends on your pace. When you get to the top, the breathtaking views will, for sure, be something you will never forget. And that’s not all, while at the top of the hill you can get to enjoy some of the cuisines in the restaurants and even find a spot for a picnic with your travel buddies.

Visit The Kek Lok Temple

Another famous spot that you cannot miss to go to is the Kek Lok Temple built on top of a hill in Air Itam. You can get to the temple using a lift ride or simply walk all the way to the top. The architectural design of the temple is simply magical. You will get to see the many carvings, sculptures, golden pagodas, and images of Buddha.

Visit The Beaches

Can your vacation even be complete without visiting any of the pristine beaches in Penang? What better way to end your day than watching the sunset at the Batu Ferringhi Beach? The Batu Ferringhi beach is one of the loved beaches in Penang, where you can get to enjoy all the beach activities. You can also sunbathe in the sun during the day, take a swim, go diving, or even engage in beach sports. Besides, there are also other beaches in Penang that you can visit, for instance, Kerachut Beach and the Monkey beach.

Take A Trishaw Ride

While in a Penang, you cannot afford to miss the trishaw rides. It more or less feels like being in a small chariot- something you definitely must do. You can find them in the cities, and they are a great way to maneuver around as you get to enjoy the city’s views. Also, do not forget to take a picture while on one!

Take Away

Penang is a fun place to be! There is so much that you can do in this city besides the above-mentioned things. You should definitely visit Penang soon to experience it yourself.