What I learned About Paddle Boarding In Cozumel

Last year our family took a trip to Cozumel for a relaxing vacation. My brother suggested I try paddleboarding. After doing some research on stand-up inflatable paddle boards (SUP), I bought one online. During my buying process, I have read a lot of reviews so that I would have the knowledge to purchase the best inflatable SUP for the money from a reliable manufacturer. Fortunately, I did because when I used it on the water, I was able to balance it well.We took some lessons from a local who had a shop on the beach. Needless to say we learned a ton! There really is a lot to learn.


So, if you are a beginner in this kind of sport, you can do the same thing in order for you to have the best SUP like mine. Aside from that, when you want to learn how to properly use it, there are things that you can apply during your time on the water. In fact, I follow them when I go on vacation and I always find it beneficial. Here are some things I learned

Utilize a Leash

When you already purchase one, a leash is included. When you do paddling, you need to use the tool so that you will be safe at all times. If in case, you are not comfortable with it you can buy again from other companies. So, in order for you to attain overall safety and protection when you are paddling the inflatable board, it is better to use a leash and other things required.

The Paddle should be in the Right Way

In order for you to propel your board, you need to use the SUP paddle properly. However, when you place it in the wrong way, you will be take ver inefficient strokes. Aside from that, you need to be in the proper standing position so that you can achieve the best outcome as possible. This is not an area to go cheap, get the best SUP paddle (reviews here) you can afford.

Face the Proper Way

Before you jump on your paddle board, you need to make sure that the fins are at the back for the reason that, they will help you keep your SUP straight when you begin paddling. In addition to that, you can truly fight against with the big and small waves on the water a lot without giving you more risks of fall. So, if you are so excited to employ your board, it is salient to follow first precautionary measures for your protection and safety

Start paddling while using your core

Paddling can be done best when you utilize your core not your arms. These are considered the strongest body muscles that can help you provide the most efficient and effective power for every paddle stroke you do. If you always stand on the SUP and you only employ your arms, it will give you an exhausting experience. So, it is better to use your core as these will allow you to exert all your strengths.

When you will have a stand-up inflatable paddle board in the future, it is advisable to follow the said tips so that you will be able to have a great time. I can assure you that the above mentioned tips are effective because I follow it myself every time I go to the beach.