How To Travel With Pets: The Ultimate Guide To Traveling With Your Dog


A lot of pet owners consider traveling with their pets to be inconvenient or tricky. At times, it is impossible to leave your pets behind, especially when there is no one around to look after your pet. However, through proper research and planning, it is possible to travel with your pet on fun travel adventures.

Make sure to go through all the dog policies beforehand

Before traveling with your pet, make sure to go through all dog policies beforehand. Firstly, you need to go through the pet policies of the airline you are traveling with. Different airlines have different policies regarding pets. Some airlines only allow pets with an ESA certification on board. Many airlines may restrict traveling with dogs of a certain size or breed. Some require pet owners to carry them in a pet carrier. Secondly, you need to go through the rules and regulations of the city or country you are traveling to.

Carry a copy of medical records when traveling internationally

When traveling to a new country, make sure to bring your dog’s medical records with you. This helps to confirm that your pet is physically fit and vaccinated. Government officials often ask for copies of these medical records, and therefore, you must carry a copy of these medical records while traveling internationally. In case your dog gets sick while traveling, you can always show these medical records to the vet.

Look for pet friendly restaurants

A lot of countries have special restaurants where pet owners can dine in style with their pets. In these restaurants, special food is made for pets. Some are outdoors patios that have scented cat litter and fun chew toys for pets. Here, pet owners can relax and enjoy some quality time with their pets.

Not every country is pet friendly

Different people can have different feelings about certain pets. For example, some animals are considered sacred in some religions, while some people may be terrified of some animals. As a pet owner, you need to respect people’s emotions, especially when traveling to a new country or city. If your pet is not friendly with strangers, make sure to warn people about this beforehand. Many countries won’t allow traveling without rabies vaccine or necessary medical paperwork. Some countries charge a certain amount of fee for traveling with pets. When it comes to traveling with dogs internationally, there are certain countries where traveling with pets can be tough. Australia, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, and Fiji, are such countries where traveling with pets can be quite challenging.


Even if your pet appears to be physically fit, make sure to have him checked at the local vet. Moreover, if your pet has any allergies, make sure to carry all the medications and their prescription when traveling with your pet. If your dog is a picky eater, make sure to carry his favorite pet food. You never know if you will be able to get the same brand of pet food in a new country or not.