Have A Fun Bucks Night In Melbourne: 6 Bucks Party Ideas

With a thriving party scene and countless bucks party activities in Melbourne Australia, this is definitely the best place to cut loose and have an epic night with the boys. If organising a bachelor party has made its way on your to-do list, the pressure is on to deliver an eventful, fun, and unforgettable night.


Luckily, Melbourne is not only one of the best romantic travel destinations. It is also the destination where it’s nearly impossible to screw up such a party. It ticks every single box of what makes a great bucks party destination, including all kinds of debauchery activities, as well as some classier ideas for those who prefer something less tacky. Here are some great bucks party ideas in Melbourne:

Hire a Party Bus

This is a funky party bus taking you around the city; in short, party on the road. You’ll be taken to different bars, pubs, and perhaps even a strip club. Melbourne is also a melting pot for breweries.

You can also choose to take a brewery tour, which comes with generous tastings, gourmet food, and complimentary drinks, including beer, spirits, wine, and cider. The best part is the party bus is private and the party never stops thanks to party areas within the bus and the pimped out sound system.

Take a Camping Trip

 Not every stag party has to include a wild night out. Plus, if the attendees are the world traveller type and enjoy escaping into the wild, then going camping may be an excellent idea. There are several campsites available in parks, reserves, and forests throughout Melbourne, offering some of the most beautiful landscapes in the city. Don’t forget to bring your own food & drinks to last the entire night.

Visit the Casino

Having a fun night and winning some cash in the process sounds like a good idea to pass up. Melbourne has a good number of casinos, offering all kinds of casino games. Instead of rolling with the public, you can rent a private poker room that comes with a private dealer and waitresses.

Take this opportunity to hire a lingerie waitress to deliver food and drinks. You might not be able to keep your poker face or fully concentrate with those gorgeous tits starring in your face, but you’ll surely have a fun night.

Cruise Entertainment

Cruise along the Yarra River in a private boat and view the city from a different perspective as you sail across busy trading ports, scenic gardens, and Docklands. Great food, live entertainment, and other fun activities can be found on party boats. You can customise the party cruise to the boys’ liking. For a wild night out, include some partially nude waitresses, hire a stripper, have a banging sound system, and bring your own food & drinks.

Strippers and Entertainment

If your mate is like most men, a bucks party won’t be complete without some Melbourne strippers and too much drinking. There are several great bars in Melbourne where you can have some awesome booze, watch sports, and enjoy some music.

You can then go clubbing or hit a strip club and get everyone to have a lap dance. Better yet, why not hire strippers and have some adult entertainment in a private location. Make sure everyone is on board with this kind of entertainment though.

Have Dinner

Having dinner and some wine is another way to have a more laid back, yet fun bucks night. Whether you want to dine in style or head to an all-you-can-eat buffet, Melbourne has you covered with several restaurants and cafes that offer a wide range of both traditional and exotic cuisines. If you wish to spoil your crew with the finer things in life, have a tasting menu with a variety of wines.


A stag night is an essential party to have before the wedding. Not only does it fulfil a life-long tradition but also gives the boys a chance to bond and have fun. Ensure the activities fit with the personality of your crew, especially the groom-to-be. While it’s okay to go wild, try to include activities that everyone won’t forget for the right reasons.

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