Handy Discusses How Often Your Carpet Should Be Cleaned


When Handy enters a home, one of the very first things that we notice is the carpet. It is quite telling of how clean or dirty a house is going to be. If the carpet is full of stains and crumbs, then chances are the rest of the house is going to be dirty. Some people don’t care about that, but the vast majority of people do. It is for this reason that we decided to dedicate this article to the people who like to have a clean and tidy house.

Carpet Cleaning

Now, when we say carpet cleaning, we mean both vacuuming and steam cleaning. They are widely different beasts to tackle. One can be completed in a couple of hours and the other could take you all day or the better part of the weekend. For this article, we will be talking about both. However, we will separate the two so that you know which we are talking about at the time. So, without further delay, we present to you how often you should clean your carpet.


A lot of people tend to put off vacuuming until the last possible second. It is a rather boring and tedious job to have to do. It ranks right up there with having to do laundry. There is never a really good time to do it because there is always something that is more fun to do. For those that think that way, we are here to change your mind. Having a presentable house at all times will make sure that you will always be happy to receive guests. If you have noticed, in recent years, no one just stops by someone’s house. They are often told to call or text ahead of time. The reason is that they have not taken the time to clean up. Years ago, the house was always kept clean and people would just pop by a friend’s house if they were in the neighborhood. Now, how often you should clean? If you have light traffic (one or two people in the house), once a week will suffice. Medium traffic (typical family unit of two parents and a few kids), you should up this to twice a week. If there are people constantly over, we call this heavy traffic, then you should be doing it daily.

Steam Cleaning

Due to the time it takes to complete this task, we will keep the fact that you will have to rent and plan the process when we make our suggestion. In light traffic, you can get by with ever two years (make sure to read your manufactures warranty). Medium traffic will find you needing to do it once a year (we suggest during spring cleaning). In heavy traffic situations, you really should do it twice a year (do it on daylight savings and you will always remember).


Handy knows that it is not a desirable task, but one that has to be done. Make time to keep your carpet clean and then you never have to worry about friends coming over without notice. The carpet is the first thing that people notice about your house, so make it presentable.

HS – February 6th (S)