Fun Ways To Take Weight Loss Holidays To Chiang Mai Thailand

From holistic retreats through yoga and weight-loss programmes, Chiang Mai is a beautiful city to fulfil your weight loss goals. Although many people view holidays as indulgent periods of plentiful drink and food, weight loss holidays are growing in popularity with Thailand offering many fun ways to lose weight on vacation.

Not only are you surrounded by some of the best activities and attractions to help you stay fit, but places like Chiang Mai offer extremely relaxing environments where you can easily stick to your exercise and healthy eating regimen. Here are five fun activities and tips on how to stay healthy in Thailand.

1. Weight Loss Vacation in Thailand for Adults

The first step is treating your stay in Thailand as an extension of a weight loss plan. By making clear and concrete goals for what you want to achieve within a specific amount of time, you can set about achieving something tangible during your stay.

Just like any weight loss programme will tell you, it’s healthy to have “cheat days” where you don’t go so hard on yourself for bending the rules. In Chiang Mai, it’s easy to stick to your goals whilst enjoying everything Thailand has to offer.

2. Get Out on a Country Trek

Trekking in Chiang Mai offers invigorating exercise with scenic views of one of the most beautiful regions in Thailand. From the breathtaking waterfalls of the mountainous Doi Inthanon area to jungle treks through traditional villages, rice paddies or Buddhist temples, hiking is one of the best ways to explore Chiang Mai.

What’s more, hiking is cheap and easy to organise. When heading off the beaten track, there’s nothing better than a good company of like-minded hikers led by a knowledgeable guide

3. Water Rafting and Adventures

Water rafting is a perfect full body workout, using your whole body to paddle and navigate a fast-paced and exhilarating ride down rapids and through rivers. In Chiang Mai, there are numerous river rafting and kayaking adventures at different classes of difficulty in beautiful natural areas like the Taeng River. Water rafting in Chiang Mai is a must do for fitness-oriented thrill seekers.

4. Eating Well Is Never Boring

We all know that we are what we eat. Whereas most holidays consist of too much overindulgence, a holiday in Chiang Mai opens you up to a wide variety of delicious local dishes like yam, tam and lap salads. Never boring or tasteless, Chiang Mai’s cuisine is rich and flavourful. What’s more, it’s far more healthy than processed Western diets.

5. Join Weight Loss Boot Camp in Thailand

A Thailand weight loss camp is an ideal way to set yourself serious goals with like-minded people. Chiang Mai has a host of fantastic boot camps which combine fitness and wellbeing with guided help from motivating trainers. One of the best weight loss camps in Chiang Mai like Weight Loss for Men Thailand also provides practical and proper activities for your weight loss holiday.

There’s nothing more encouraging than a week or two in a challenging fitness camp surrounded by the tranquil Chiang Mai landscape. Aside from losing weight and changing the way you deal with food and fitness, you’ll make friends for life.

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