Education In Colombia: Where Is It Going?

Education In Colombia: Where Is It Going?

Since 2014, the Colombian educational system has gone through a fundamental transformation. Nowadays, there is an impressive expansion in all educational levels thanks to the ambitious policies concerning enrollment. The goal is to reach every corner of Colombia. The focus on learning outcomes has resulted in reforms for teachers, introducing performance measures across the system. At this point, Colombia is improving quality and equity in its educational system to reach 2025 as the most educated country in Latin America.


Colombia has reached significant milestones in its quest to transform its education policies. The most relevant ones are:

  • Enrollment has increased at all levels. In 10 years, the time students spend in education has risen by two years, and there is more participation in early childhood education. Tertiary education has doubled.
  • The government introduced strategies to modernize upper secondary and tertiary education with clear goals, a common framework, and higher standards.
  • Reforms to the teaching profession have led to the professionalization of the workforce. It has been achieved by raising standards for entry and by promoting better skills development.
  • New funding and governance have set the base for a more efficient system, meeting the needs of a diverse country.
  • Robust information systems and several performance assessments have provided an evidence-based approach to policies.


Education in Colombia

The future seems very clear for Colombia and its educational system. Now, we should explore the challenges ahead for further review of actions.

  • Continue to create a vision with clear learning expectations at every stage. Set up a national curriculum framework letting students transition, while also supporting teachers and raising standards.
  • Visualize the inequities in socio-economic groups and regions: students from the poorest backgrounds study for only 6 years, compared to 12 years for students with rich environments.
  • Improve teachers’ skills at all levels. Level up expectations for the profession, promoting training opportunities and better salaries.
  • Help the local government and school leaders to reach educational change and move several education stakeholders.
  • Invest in the foundation stages of education. Currently, the public spending on school students is half of the spending on tertiary students. It’s urgent to level up the spending so that every child is taken equally and has the same chances of success.

In conclusion, the Colombian government provides many opportunities for children and teenagers through its educational system. A brighter future is ahead if this government continues to carry out these policies at all levels of education.

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