Do you Know How Many Kinds of Insects Exist in the World

Do you Know How Many Kinds of Insects Exist in the World

Do you know how many kinds of insects exist in the world? The total known number is 900 thousands species. During the whole life each person meets with 1,4 billions of all the insects. Without knowing we can eat up to 8 spiders, 20 mosquitos and lots of buns. Horribly, yeah? But I know the decision. All of us know the banal ways how to cope with it – different tapes, sprays, lamps and fumigators. Some people even use aroma sticks and candles. But all these things are chemical and can be dangerous, especially for your health.

Indoor Bug Zapper with UV light – is a unique tool that can help you easily get rid of all the flying insects in your house. This is an absolutely and non-ordinary device that can be used in any room, you just need a plug socket.

How does it work? One flying insect, for example a mosquito, was noticed in the room where the bug zapper had been installed. Of course it reacts on the emitting light that this device has and this mosquito wants to move closely to it. This light is an attraction. Inside of this tool there is a high voltage net that will kill any insect. The range of attraction is 500 square feets, so it will be enough to have only one such thing in the room. Unfortunately such devices can’t be set outdoors – it isn’t protected from water and dust, but in the market you can always find one for your courtyard.

What are the preferences of using the indoor bug zapper? To begin with there are no chemical substances that have all the domestic variants. This product is absolutely safe for your relatives and pets. The next point – it saves your money. There is no need to buy new sprays or fumigator cartridges again and again. Its lifetime is up to 480 hours (or 20 days). And the last but not the least – it guarantees you a restful sleep without insects’ buzz.

The indoor bug zapper’s design is very laconic and suits each style of your room or flat or even house. It is small, white and almost inconspicuous. Take it with you on vacation – its size isn’t as big as you imagine!

It can be easily plugged in or unplugged at all, but it has a small button that performs it.

Remember that your and your family members  health is the most important point in life. Do not economize on yourself – choose the best thing for you and your house. The indoor bug zapper will save your nerves, make your life without insects (at home) and you won’t feel any bites anymore.

Make a choice in favour of the best production!