Cutler Bay, Florida

Cutler Bay Hotels


Also known as “Cutler Ridge,” Cutler Bay is a town that is located within Miami-Dade County and is seated a few kilometers north of the Black Point Marina. Every year, tourists and travelers flock to Cutler Bay to enjoy the quiet atmosphere that the town has. Guests also enjoy several activities and annual festivities that make Cutler Bay a truly enjoyable place to visit or relax at. Luckily, it’s a location where a lot of private jet charter companies fly to, so be sure to click here and avoid those busy airports!

Things to Do

A visit to Cutler Bay can be an enjoyable experience especially since guests never run out of things to do during their stay. Guests may take time to stroll around the town to explore quaint shops that offer souvenirs, specialty wares and more. Guests can also take up martial arts during their visit as there are some martial arts classes for guests who want to learn a thing or two during their stay. The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden also makes an excellent location where guests can visit to have a fresh dose of nature and all its beauty. Of course, guests can enjoy the crisp waters during their visit by heading over to the Black Point Marina and perhaps rent one of the boats for a nice relaxing time. Guests can also go on a dining spree and check out the several restaurants that are located in Cutler Bay. With the variety of cuisines that the restaurants have, guests are sure to finally get a feel of the town and mingle with locals.

Cutler Bay Hotels

Best Hotel Accommodations

While there are some accommodations that are found in Cutler Bay, these are quite few but still of the highest quality. Some of the top rated hotels in the area include the La Quinta Inn & Suites Miami Cutler Ridge (Bay). The said hotel offers comfortable guest rooms with breathtaking views, fantastic food, and a helpful staff that may help guests get from one area to another. Other hotels in the area include Motel 6 Cutler Bay as well as Floridian Hotel Cutler Bay. Book your Cutler Bay Hotels with

Restaurants and Dining

When in Cutler Bay, guests can dine all the way as the town offers guests with a variety of options that can be enjoyed during guests stay. One of the top restaurants in the area is the Cutler Bay Sports Bar and Grill which packs in a crowd especially during days when there are games that can be discussed. The restaurant offers several dishes that guests can choose from that would go excellently with quality drinks and more. For some Chinese dishes, guests can head over to the Chopsticks House which has a variety of dishes that appeal to the varied tastes of guests. Guests who are craving for some Italian fare can head over to Sal’s Italian Ristorante which is located along Dixie Highway.

Cutler Bay Hotels

Exploring the City

Initial exploration of Cutler Bay can be done on foot as most of the main attractions are located close to each other. Walking around the town is a good way that guests can exercise as well as discover some unique finds that may not be featured to highly. Guests can also rent cars to make exploring faster, whereas some may want to get bicycles instead especially to enjoy the excellent Florida weather depending on the time of the guests visit.