Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant | The Best Sky Dining In Bangkok

The Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant is surely a strong contender for the best sky bar in Bangkok city. The bar and restaurant is located high up on the 46th floor of the highest building on Sukhumvit road with great food, incredible ambience and without question some of the best rooftop views in the city.

In fact, once you’re up there, you’ll get a full 360-degree view of the city below as you sip your lovingly prepared drinks or enjoy a sumptuous dinner in the rooftop restaurant. The setting at the rooftop is 1960’s sophistication, with a relaxed atmosphere and great service.

You can order from a wide selection of wines, beers and of course, delicious and inventive cocktails such as Mojitos, Pina Coladas and the all-time classic Mai Tai.

Great food

There are a wealth of great dining options to choose from, from the traditional to the modern. Enjoy amazing dishes such as the succulent fin de Claire oysters or the super fresh soft shell crab. You can enjoy classic flavours such as pork belly or roasted duck, all served with an Eastern twist.

Or if you just want a few light bites instead of a full four-course meal, why not try the deep fried shrimp dumplings and spicy sweet sauce, the deep-fried vegetables with salted egg yolk and pickled seaweed, or perhaps share a plate of the amazing chicken wings in a Thai herb sauce.

The chef’s special selection includes pomelo salad with grilled tiger prawn and coconut powder or the grilled pork with sunflower sprouts, Thai spicy sauce, and pickled watermelon. The food is a great value and always big on flavour.

Private Dining Options

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate for your sky bar dinner Bangkok, then the Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant offers various private dining options such as the Ocaso Zone.

This is great for rooftop dining in Bangkok with music provided and don’t forget those fabulous 360-degree views of the stunning city below. The area can sit up to 100 people for a set dinner, 120 people for a buffet, or 300 people for cocktails.

There’s also a Secret Zone, a secluded paradise where you can enjoy an intimate and romantic dinner on the rooftop for smaller numbers. The Secret Zone can sit up to 50 people for dinner, 100 people for cocktails or up to 60 people for a buffet.

The Skywalk

If you really want to feel the thrill of being up on top of the world, the Skywalk is a great place to visit. A unique glass walkway that gives the impression you’re floating 46 floors above the ground. It’s a thrill like nothing else. And if you feel a little shaken by all the excitement, there’s always a great cocktail on hand from Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant to help you relax!

To ensure that customers get to fully enjoy the magical wrap-around views of Bangkok, and no-one gets to miss out on the experience, the rooftop bar offers plenty of seating including sofas, tables and chairs all with great views. It may not be for those who are afraid of heights, but even if you are, once you’re up in this amazing space, you’ll be too excited and thrilled to worry about anything but having a great night!

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