Caulfield Cup 2019: A Big Country Horse Race In The City

Horse Race

According to analysts, the Caulfield Cup 2019 track was only even for the first four races. The racers that were closer to the fence at 400m and in the square had a slight advantage. However, from the fifth race onwards, it looked like there was no advantage from being closer to the fence at 400m and also in the straight.

The Caulfield Cup start time came so fast, and it was hard to tell who the winner would be. There were even splits across the final 800m which led to a fast time rating overall. This was a complex test of 2400m, and only those who trained had the chance to perform fantastically.


Who Was The Winner?

The winner of the match, Mer De Glace moved from below-average speed to average over the last 800m, which made it possible for him to carry the day. He had a perfect rail behind his opponent, Vow, and decided to run into the race at the perfect time. Also, you could see that he had a perfect acceleration between the last 400m and 100m.

Constantinople Was Unlucky

Constantinople was shuffled back by the other Caulfield Cup horses at the right time. He was doing great in the straight and made a strong attack on the line. However, in the last 50m, he made a bad move that gave Vow and Declare the chance to pull him right back. He had a better chance of winning the race, but it looks like he made a mistake that cost him dearly.

How It Happened

Thought Of That took an early lead with an average speed that is relative to the rack standards, which did not come by surprise. He got a moderate speed which he maintained so well between 800m and 600m before topping it up after the 600m mark.

The Winner: Thought Of That

This horse made an incredible performance like something had been done to adjust its overall speed. From the Caulfield Cup start time, this horse ran at an unprecedented speed and created awesome figures on the clock. Thought of That accelerated so fast between 400m and 100m and went ahead to win the race. These are the kinds of displays that one would love to see in a horse.

He has a performance rating of 103.5 WFA. As for Shadow Hero, according to his last two races, he would take home a rating of 101 and 102. Shadow Hero is a good racer and looks like he would run 2500m the whole day at an impressive speed compared to other horses. Though Thought Of That has a rating of 103, it is hard to believe that he would rate anywhere higher than 2500m. To win, he has to get hold of the race by acquiring the speed that best suits him throughout the race.

The Improver

He is the other one that has indicated a remarkable improvement in the last few matches. He moved so fast from an 88.5 peak to 94.5 and finally 97.8 on Saturday. He has all the potential to become the winner in the next few matches. This means that the other horses have to train hard to get a steady hold of the ground in the next competition.

The Final Thought

The Caulfield Cup 2019 was one of a kind. However, it did have surprising results as all the Caulfield Cup horses manifested an improvement from their previous competitions. Many of the horses in the event showed impressive results and notable improvement in performance. Overall, it was an exciting event.