Brad Roemer Looks at the Best Movies of the 90s


According to Brad Roemer Real Estate, the nineties were a pretty good time in the movie industry. Romantic comedies were really hitting their stride, comedies were actually funny, critically acclaimed movies were real crowd-pleasers, and the teen comedies were in their heyday. While most people don’t go to the movies anymore, they still have a place in the digital streaming world of today. You may not be able to go to a theatre and watch any of these classics today, there are a number of streaming services that have them sitting there just waiting for you to discover your next favorite movie.

Nifty Nineties

Some readers may not have been alive during the 1990s but with this list, you will be able to go back in time to what is arguably the greatest time in movie history. So, pull up a seat and join us on this blast to the past of the best movies to come out of Hollywood in the 90s.

  1. The Goodfellas – After the Godfather movies, this is the best mob movie of all time. This story about a young boy growing up in the mob, only to become a “wiseguy” himself is one that paints a picture of what it is like to grow up in New York City in the 50s. He is enjoying the money, the luxury, and the fame when he makes a few miscalculated mistakes and a drug addiction that spiral out of control and circumvent his rise to the top.
  2. Pulp Fiction – Most likely one of Quintin Tarantino’s most quoted films of all time. This movie is the type that takes more than one viewing to see everything the director is giving to us. This movie has about six different storylines all happening at the same time and it is really hard to keep them all straight after one viewing. You will find yourself wanting to watch it again and again.
  3. Clueless – Far and above all the other teen comedies of this decade. You will find yourself cheering for the bimbo blonde to find love with the unlikeliest of men. You might even find yourself taking fashion and dating advise from Cher as well – as if! Perhaps the quintessential 90s rom-com movie of all time.
  4. The Matrix – After watching this movie, you may be asking yourself if we are actually living in the Matrix. It seems like the major plot points in the movie are questions that we have asked ourselves for years. Things such as what is a déjà vu and why does everything we eat taste like chicken. Could it be that we are plugged into a machine and when we die that is us providing electricity to the machine overlords that have taken over the world?


Movies in the nineties were so dramatic and so funny. It is hard to think of a better time for movies. If you were to take the advice of Brad Roemer and watch some of these movies this weekend, you would find yourself wanting to watch more and more movies from the nineties.