Best Jobs For Expats That Pay Well While Living In Thailand

Many people would like to move to Thailand, but the biggest hindrance is money. The good thing is that jobs in Thailand for foreigners are in plenty. You will only need to pick the right job. However, you must note that some jobs in Thailand will pay much less than in the west. Thus, you need to find a job that offers comparable pay to what you get back home. Here are some of the expat jobs in Thailand you might find interesting.

1. Become a Freelancer

If you are good with words, you can make money as a freelancer writing on sites such as Upwork. The best about it is that if you are ready to build your reputation, it could help earn more than teaching in Thailand. You can initially earn about $10 an hour, which can accumulate to about $1,600 a month. For instance, if you are touring Thailand, why not get paid to share your experience in the country.

2. Real Estate Jobs

The Thai condo market is currently booming. It means there are many job opening right now in the real estate market. Various real estate companies will employ foreigners to take care of developments. The job can include riding around on a bike or acting as the contact person recruiting foreigners looking for a condo.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a job that requires marketing skills. There are various resorts and real estate firms looking to attract customers to their businesses. To get noticeable online, they require a solid SEO strategy. If you have some skills in this area, you could earn a decent wage in Thailand.

4. Become A Teacher

This is amongst the largest job sectors for expats in Thailand. You can earn a decent salary teaching English in Chiang Mai Thailand. Whether in high school, vocational colleges, or elementary schools, you can earn money as a teacher of English in schools all over the nation. Besides that, international schools in the country prefer native English speakers for various subjects like science and math.

5. Work Online On Various Skilled Jobs

There is a lot of online business for foreigners who wish to live in Thailand and earn a living. Anyone who works online can live anywhere. Your clients could be back in the west, or you could sell your skills such as web design in Thailand.

There are numerous digital nomads living there, and they could even help you settle in the nation with ease. You can even find co-working locations where you are guaranteed of fast internet speeds. You can also start an online store.

However, you will need to find the right website hosting service. If you are running a huge online business, using VPS for your business website is the right choice. It strikes the perfect balance between reliability and efficiency.

6. Extreme Sports Instructor

The job market for this type of work is quite huge. As a dive instructor, you can teach tourists how to dive in the clear waters of the many islands of the nation. To become a dive instructor, you have to get the necessary certificated. Most diving shops will hire internally. Thus, if you get a certificate via them, you might eventually be able to work for them.

You can also find jobs working in the kite surfing sector. You will need to contact the kite surfing schools and ask about the hiring process. Kite surfing is less popular than diving, but there is still a large enough market. Both the jobs are seasonal. However, you should be able to make enough during the high season to sustain you for the rest of the low season.


There is a lot of work for expats who are serious about working in Thailand. You just have to cut the overhead and sacrifice some of your luxuries to live comfortably in the nation.

About the Author

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