Allow the Greek Area of Skiathos Surprise You

But don’t allow you are deceived by its size.Skiathos somehow offers a modern area despite being blessed with wonderful natural characteristics like beautiful beaches and spectacular scenery. It has a lively nightlife. The main hub for leisure about the area has to function as people road from the Old Harbor.

Below, you’ll look for a lot of groups and bars that number party revelers and youths before early hours of the day. Another notable nightlife spot is Ammoudia, that will be located on the highway leading for the airport. This region is famous because of its large open air groups. Besides the constant nightlife. Skiathos will be the regular location for art shows shows and social activities during summer.

And greatest settlement and its own money, Skiathos Town within the east, can also be offered hydrofoil services and by frequent ferry that connect with nearby countries like Skopelos and Alonnisos. Skiathos town can be a contemporary and new resort designed with remarkable tourist facilities.

The most memorable landmark in the city is its natural harbor, that has also turn into sailboat docking area and a boat. Even hotels on Skiathos, communities and another notable cities are mainly observed across the southern coast in the area.

Skiathos basins to select from and has over 60 beaches! Numerous these places features golden sands which popular aqua marine clear water the Greek islands are known for. One of the most popular among these exotic stretches may be the wood forest decorated Koukounaries (Golden Sand), that is generally praised as you of the very beautiful beaches within the entire Mediterranean region. Koukounaries hosts a choice of tavernas along with a campground. Another beach you should look at browsing is Banana Beach called Krassa Bay. Strawberry is common for watersports facilities and its club events. Little, and American shores like Mandráki and Large Asélinos are less high, peaceful and hardly get visitors.