A Guide To Sustainable Dining Options For Tourists In Reno

A Guide To Sustainable Dining Options For Tourists In Reno

It is not just about experiencing the luxury of a boutique hotel in Reno. When it comes to Reno Tahoe, you will certainly come across a lot of supporters of local farms and food sustainability, distilleries and restaurants, which is the reason this guide has been created with the list of some of the most excellent and popular choices for farm-to-table restaurants and ground-to-glass distilleries in the region. Let us explore them quickly.

Ground-to-Glass Distilleries

Bentley Heritage Distillery

It is one of the premium glass distilleries situated in Minden, Nevada. Sustainability is their key initiative. The goal is to preserve history – some of their buildings are more than a century old – while creating an experience rooted in place, process and safeguarding.

In January 2020, Bentley Heritage campus obtained LEED Gold Certification. At the same time as their public house is presently closed, you can buy their spirits at a selection of local grocery stores in the city. As you’ll wait for their resting whiskey, the Juniper Grover Gin is recommended.

Frey Ranch Distillery

For more than 165 years, the Frey family has been farming in Nevada and takes pride in the grains they cultivate and the whiskey they extract. The distillery is situated in the Lake Tahoe watershed in Fallon, Nevada, and mull over each of their slow grown grains as heirloom grown exclusively for the filtered 90 proof Bourbon.

While you enjoy your stay in a luxury motel in Downtown Reno, you can always consider visiting the new generation of Frey, which is more than ranch but a true ranch distillery where the whiskey is cultivated, extracted, grown-up and bottled on site. Don’t miss to shop their whiskey at local stores in the city, or drop in for a tour and tastings every Saturday.

Farm-to-Table Restaurants

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South Creek Pizza

It is a hidden gem that brings the freshest local and globally sourced products into play to deliver you the best quality handmade pizza possible. Their Artisan Neapolitan style dough is imported from Italy and the tomatoes they use come from over the hill in California. You would not like to miss this pizza, which is hand crafted and wood fired in brick oven.


It is a popular Indian restaurant tucked away inside West Street Market. It offers a fixed menu sourced from products produced by the hardworking farmers in Reno region. You simply can’t afford to miss their house-made Chai tea or locally made kombucha.

Great Full Gardens

With 4 different locations in the region, it is a popular go-to place if you’ve got a specialized dietary need or are simply in search of some wonderful flavors and an exclusive menu full of flavors. Some of their local sellers include Elevated Water, Truckee Sourdough Company, and Dayton Valley Aquaponics.

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