A Guide To Celebrate An Unforgettable Bucks Party In Sydney

Call it stag night, buck’s night or bachelor party, a bucks party is probably the most exciting and memorable event before the wedding for the groom-to-be. The best man, in conjunction with the groomsmen, usually makes arrangements for the party and the groom joins in to enjoy the best night of his life before he enters “family-dom”.

Planning a bucks party can be quite daunting. Preparations usually take a few months. If you want to throw an unforgettable bucks party for your friend and your all-male gang, it’s important to be strategic and meticulous. If you live in Sydney, half the job is done, for the biggest city Down Under offers a plethora of options.

Tips to Throw a Stag Party in Sydney

Before you go ahead and choose the activities and/or location for the party, make sure you prepare well.

  • Pick a date that works for groomsmen, you, and the groom. If possible, choose a date that’s two weeks prior to the wedding. Choosing a Saturday or Friday would make attending the party easier for people who work during weekdays.
  • Know beforehand what the groom wants. Be clear about the activities the groom likes and the party location he prefers.
  • Create a guest list that should include the groomsmen, the groom’s close school buddies, male relatives, friendly male office colleagues of the groom, etc.
  • Fix a budget and split the costs between you and the groomsmen. If you are financially sound enough to foot the entire bill yourself, let the groomsmen know your plans. They may or may not baulk at the idea of you bearing all the expenses. Manage the situation accordingly.
  • Prepare a list of activities and narrow the list of fun bucks party ideas down to options the groom would like. Do not plan for risky activities, especially if drinking is on the itinerary.

Sydney Bucks Ideas

The following are some of the ideas to celebrate bucks party in Sydney:

A Pub Crawling Tour

A pub should be a no-brainer. And it’s easy to plan too. But because this is just not another night out with friends, the time spent should be special. So instead of stepping foot in just one club, make arrangements to visit a multiple of them on the same night. If the thought of executing the plan sounds overwhelming, hire a guide to take you through some of the oldest pubs in Sydney. Post-tour, you may enjoy a solid meal and some beer.

Foodie Night Out

If the groom is not into drinking but would salivate over the mere thought of good food, a foodie night out would be ideal. Choose a restaurant that the groom has been wanting to visit since ages or has been raving about. Daily deal websites are a great place to begin scouting for a restaurant. These sites may even have discounted specials. Or you may shake things a bit and walk around the city in search of great food.

Push the Throttle

If the groom is a rev head, Sydney has you covered. There are places that offer diverse motoring experiences, such as rally driving, V8 experiences, defensive driving, European supercar driving, off-road racing, drifting, F1 racing, drag racing, performance driving, tank rides, muscle car driving, and Porsche driving.

Other Options

  • If the groom enjoys finer things, such as good cigars and whiskey, book a plush space in a quality restaurant or bar.
  • If he loves sports, let outdoor sports be the theme.
  • Go all out at a casino, but with a twist. Book a private poker room. If not, reserve a table at least – with a waiter and private dealer on-board.
  • If you’d like to make the bucks night more fun, there are options. However, if you want to underplay it, visit the clubs that provide beautiful and sexy topless waitresses in Sydney and you will never be disappointed.

To Conclude

Sydney has no dearth of options when it comes to bucks party stops. If you plan and organize things well, the groom and the groomsmen would have solid fun and go home with memories to cherish for life.

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