6 Marvellous Places to Explore in Pahalgam

6 Marvellous Places to Explore in Pahalgam

Lying in a paradise on earth, Kashmir, Pahalgam is one of the most picturesque places in the world. Enveloped in beautiful vistas, the place boasts natural paintings all around. The soaring meadows and lush greenery of the place has all the ingredients for an ideal vacation. The pristine and unspoiled natural surroundings is a treat to nature lovers. So, book your air tickets from HappyEasyGo and explore the amazing places of Pahalgam mentioned below-

1. Mamal Temple

Pahalgam’s Mamal Temple is an ancient Shiva temple sitting by the Lidder River. The place offers powerful spiritual vibes and is a must-visit for divine seekers. The temple is situated about a mile away from the city center of Pahalgam and dates back to 400 CE. The holy place is visited by devotees throughout the year due to its religious significance. The temple has a Shiva lingam and a gold-x adorned shrine. A perennial pure water spring flows under the base of the shrine, which is enclosed in a basin in the front.

2. Aru Village and Valley

The Aru Village and Valley is a scenic and mesmerizing town located 12 km from Pahalgam. The valley is known for tranquillity and scintillating beauty. Popular among tourists for its lush meadows, this place must be on your list of wonderful places to visit in Pahalgam. Visitors can spend a few quiet hours in the lap of nature here. The valley can be explored via pony rides, and you can witness various scenic points around it. Adventure freaks can indulge in zorbing, ziplining, powered paragliding and river-crossing. You can also trek to the stunning Kolahoi glacier by setting up a base camp in Aru Village.

3. Baisaran Hills

This jaw-dropping town in Kashmir has a number of pristine lakes and picturesque meadows that can be explored throughout the year. The charming and serene Baisaran Hills sits enclosed in the dense pine, cedar and lush green forests of fir. These hills are indeed among the most beautiful places in Pahalgam. Tourists can take a leisurely walk, a pony ride or a taxi to reach this lovely meadow.

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4. Avantipur Temple

Situated 57 km before Pahalgam on the Srinagar-Pahalgam highway, the ancient ruins of Avantipur Temple is a must-visit during your trip to this serene town. The place has immense historical and architectural significance. Built between 855 AD and 883 AD by King Avantivarman, this fascinating temple holds importance for both religious devotees and history buffs. The temple has majestic pillars and carved sculptures of deities that are a testimony to the architectural brilliance of the ancient era. Two main structures of the temple are the Avantiswhar temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and Avantiswami temple, which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

5. Pahalgam Golf Course

This 18-hole golf course sitting amidst the Himalayan ranges is a pleasure for avid golfers. This place is a perfect fun spot for golf lovers where they can enjoy a round or two playing golf. If you are new to golf, you can take up preliminary golfing lessons at the Pahalgam Golf Course while soaking in the bewitching beauty of the place with beautiful vistas all around. The beauty of the golf course is enhanced with the soaring mountains on one side and the shimmering Lidder River on the other side. This is a beautiful place in Pahalgam for experiencing fun and natural beauty.