5 Top Spots in Phuket

When people visit Thailand, it is highly probable that they will visit Phuket province, one of the most vibrant and the most beautiful regions of Thailand. The area has a rich cultural, religious and historical value. Moreover, its natural landmarks are beautiful, so it is often hard to choose which places you want to visit. This article will help you with that, bringing you the five spots you have to visit if you visit Phuket.

5. Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong’s current architectural structure was built in the 19th century, but the original date of its funding is still unknown. The temple is the junction of religion, architecture, and art. Its walls and ceilings are decorated with marvelous paintings, depicting Buddha’s life.

The temple also has a substantial historical value, telling the stories of conflict, class struggles and rebellions. Part of the temple complex is the grand pagoda, portraying impressive levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Visitors will see statues, gardens with delicate flowers, fountains. If you visit, you will also hear many legends surrounding the temple, the most notable being the Relic of Buddha; in the temple, you can see the supposed bone of Buddha.

4. Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is Phuket’s most famous and the most beautiful landscape. If you find yourself in Thailand, this the place you have to visit. Most tourists decided to explore the bay by taking a ride on a kayak, slowly, quietly. It was John Gray who discovered this landscape, so it is no surprise that the kayak renting company wearing his name charge a bit more than the rivals.

If you are lucky enough, the tide will be on your side you will be able to see the Hongs, Phang Nha’s enclosed lagoons. You will have to abide the rules and preserve the nature. There are several ways you can explore the bay, so do your research before you visit this place.

3. Similan Islands

Similan Islands is for people who love the sun, warm sea and nature. If you do arrive at these islands, it is best to stay for a couple of days because you will want to explore the archipelago. Some of the islands are more popular than the others, but they are all worth exploring. If you are going to explore the underwater life, there are several places you can arrange diving. The archipelago consists of clear seawater, rich coral life, fishes, turtles, etc.

There are several rules you have to abide, but if you do not break them, you will not be in trouble (the rules are there to protect the nature). Moreover, if you do not have the will or the energy to explore the nature or wildlife, enjoy the beaches, swim, sunbathe, take a few pictures, or just meditate in peace.

2. Old Town

Old Town differs from other places. Visit the Thalang Road, the most notable road in the town. The Old Town showcases Portugal’s architectural influence. However, the old town is undergoing a renovation process. For instance, Soi Romanee is the nicest and one of the most popular streets, but it used to be the place where prostitutes would gather.

Some would say that the road lost its soul, but that depends on whom you ask. China Inn is also the building you should visit, though the building has been repainted. However, still, the cultural and architectural value did not change. It is also the place to visit if you get hungry. Other places where you can eat excellent food are One Chun and Raya House.

However, you do not have to eat in a restaurant to try and smell local food. If you can and have the time for it, visit museums and galleries (if such things interest you). The best thing about the old town is that it is a melting pot of several cultures: Dutch, Portugal, Siamese, Chinese, etc. So, it is undoubtedly something you have to visit.

1. Big Buddha of Phuket

There are several reasons why this monument is the first thing you should visit. Firstly, the construction work is still undergoing, so you see the work in progress, donate, spend time with local people and listen to the converse. Secondly, you cannot deny the sheer magnitude of the statue; after all, it is 45 meters high. Thirdly, religion plays an essential role in the country, and respecting their religion is respecting the people.

Even if you are not a religious person, this is worth seeing and witnessing. Also, the statue is built on the hill overlooking the Phang Nga Bay. The look from up there is breathtaking, and you can take thousands of photos and still feel like you have missed something. Moreover, if you do visit this place, you will be able to say that you were there when the monument was being constructed.

Most of the sites and monuments tourists visit are the things of the past, but this 45 meters high marble Buddha is still being built. Furthermore, you can donate money and thus contribute to the construction of this monument, which is quite unusual; in some way, you will become a small part of the region’s culture.