5 Must See Las Vegas Shows for Kids

For those who still believe that Las Vegas can’t be enjoying for kids, here we offer you a list of the best Las Vegas shows for kids ..

Some of the shows listed below permit kids under three to attend the show for free if they are gonna sit on their parents’ lap and eat from their meals, while others even recommend that kids which are 16 and up can enter the show alone if they have an official id.

1- Criss Angel Mindfreak Live

one of the best Las Vegas shows for kids and the best Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas is the Criss Angel Mindfreak Live.

Book your ticket at the Luxor to see the great show of Criss Angel MINDFREAK LIVE! However, don’t expect ordinary tricks like pulling fluffy bunnies out of top hats. This man is definitely the bad boy in the world of magicians.

This show features Angel’s vixen of a co-host Chloe Crawford, comedians, acrobats, dancers live musicians and other features to leave you puzzled in this combination.

So sit back and prepare yourself for this magnificent show.

2- Blue Man Group

Among Vegas shows, Blue Man Group proved that it deserves its special reputation as one of the top Las Vegas shows for kids due to the combination of percussion-driven music, flashy special effects, and instruments made from plastic piping on its imaginative stage and displaying them in an attractive visual extravaganza.

In their show, the wild and percussion-driven experience which is full of fun, humor, and energy are derived from the combination between different factors like theatrics, art, music, and science displayed by the Blue Man Group.

Prepare yourself to be shocked by the ultimate sensory overload when the team starts the show as Blue Man Group is an ideal solution for everyone and you can’t be bored no matter how many times you see it.

3- V – The Ultimate Variety Show

Whether you like to see athletic performers, acrobatic skaters, etc. Here, at V – The Ultimate Variety Show, will find it. Yes, this show provides a fast-paced, high-energy display of talent that will entertain you.

There are hundreds of shows in Las Vegas; however, this one is really amazing, why? because they think. Yes, they think, analyze, interpret, then display the show. They ask themselves every time, are they providing what the audience need? if not, they change the scene.

Furthermore, each night, they swap out different performers so you may find yourself watching street dancer.

4- WOW – Production – Musicale

As the name suggests, this Wow show will wow you. The production “WOW” provides interesting features including one of the coolest stages ever as well as acrobatics, 3D-multimedia projections, great theatrical lighting, etc.

They are ready to ignite the glitter cannons to amaze the audiences at this stage in the Entertainment Capital of the World. It is really one of the most thrilling 90-minutes you’ve ever experienced.

Every show brings some new ideas, new interesting tricks, etc. Sure, after all, it is Las Vegas. There is more, the showroom is transformed to be more immersive with the audience, as a result, when the cast comes, you will be close enough to see them, you will be right there against the stage to see them.

So don’t be surprised when you see them flying into the air. Believe me, it is fascinating.

5– Legends in Concert

Make sure to visit Legends in Concert at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, this one of the best shows for kids in Las Vegas features a group of talented performers who can be really considered some of the most iconic entertainers in the world.

Big artists like Sting, Aretha Franklin Young Michael Jackson can be seen there. I guess this is the best way to have something amazing to tell to your folks.

Performances by such people are really amazing if adWOW-Las-Vegas-Showded to your best memories. Such scenes of trained, talented performers are unforgettable.