5 Must-See While All-Inclusive Holidays In Thailand

Bathing in Maya Bay, walking along the Temple of Emerald Buddha and dinning Pad thai noodles. This plan sounds great, doesn’t it? Astonishing landscapes, a millenary culture and a unique gastronomy are the reasons why all-inclusive holidays in Thailand have became in one of the most desired adventurous destinations.


Thailand is one of the most visited destinations of the world. It is not a surprise, because we have hundreds of reasons to visit it: it is the country of smiles. This nickname is much more than touristic branding. Kindness and hospitality are common characteristics in Thai people. It is, indeed, part of their cultural identity, which is admired all around the world. Tourists are happy to discover that Thai locals are the best company to discover a totally unique culture.


A trip to Thailand is an unforgettable adventure. It is an experience to constantly remember through memories and photos. But it is also important to mention that it is not a trip to improvise. This adventure requires thorough planning if we want to enjoy this country at its maximum.


Paradise is waiting for us. We only have to be properly prepared. Thailand will amaze you, but there are some essential things that can’t be misses in your guide. Keep them in mind!


When in Thailand, you can’t miss…


Tropical beaches

You can’t leave Thailand without visiting its beaches, which are calm natural treasures. You can go to Koh island or Chang island, where you will find paradisiac corners. In Ko Phi Phi, you can take a bath in Maya Bay, the most famous beach in whole Thailand. Some scenes of the film “The beach”, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, were filmed there. It is a beautiful bay surrounded by three cliffs visited by tourists from all the world.


Rich, varied and tasty gastronomy

Thai cuisine is based in four basic flavors: sweet, bitter, salty and sour. Meat, vegetables, herbs, soups and noodles are the most used products. And, of course, rice, which is included in most of the dishes. The most famous receipt is Pad thai, noodles cooked in wok with soya oil and a big quantity of diverse ingredients. You have to taste it! And taste fruit too. It is great in Thailand: more natural, tasty and healthy than the one we have in Europe. Mango is the local fruit par excellence, but you can eat other exotic fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan or lychee.


Fascinating spirituality

Before taking your plane to Thailand, you have to know it is a Buddhist country. Spirituality is a way of life, meaning that religion is an essential part in life of Thai people. There are thousands of temples, most of them still active. There, people pray to Buddha or get spiritual advice. The most important is Wat Phra Kae. There, we find the Emerald Buddha, which is probably the holiest and most venerated Buddha image in all Thailand. Additionally, you can visit other breath-taking temples such as Wat Arun (Sunrise Temple), Wat Pho, (Reclining Buddha Temple) or Wat Phra Singh (Lion Buddha Temple).


The most rewarding adventure

Since we are not spending all our time sun-bathing in tropical beaches, another unnegotiable must is going across the jungle and lost small villages far away from touristic focus. Hiking is the best option to totally connect with Thai culture. One of the most popular areas to go hiking is the north, from Chiang Mai to the border with Myanmar. Amazing landscapes, waterfalls, route colleagues, locals’ modus vivendi… It is a totally recommended experience if you want to know the most unknown side of the country. If you decide to discover Thai rural side, make sure your bag is thoroughly prepared: mosquitos repellent, comfortable footwear, light and waterproof baggage (especially if you travel during monsoon times).


Millenary peace

In Thailand, there is a great massage tradition. The place, treatment and sophistication could make it more expensive, but this country is known by its affordable prices. Most of the spas still have old sanctuaries’ architecture and there, millenary therapeutic arts are still performed. Either in Bangkok and outside the capital, we can find several spas, which are like small hided jewels. Thai massages get together different oriental techniques such as Yoga, Shiatsu and meditation. Every trip to Thailand must have a Thai moment. A moment to balance our mind, body and spirit.