10 Picturesque Cycling Trails Around NYC


New York is a one-of-a-kind city. It magnifies its visitors with dazzling streets, lots of people who always in a hurry, and almost sleepwalkers who enjoy their every second of the mass. The city boasts so many popular locations where many major events or legendary movies took place.

What many people usually miss is the nature of New York. Central Park alone deserves special attention. However, the city that has so much water around, as well as magnificent allies, is worth exploring under a whole new perspective. You can find a bicycle rental in Central Park and start your journey around 10 picturesque NYC trails.

Central Park

Since we have already mentioned Central Park, it will be the first place to discover. While some prefer to admire the magnificence of New York from far away (for example, from a Palisades bike trail), we advise you to immerse yourself in its heart. The routes are numerous: choose where your soul leads you, and you won’t regret it.

Blue Mountain Reservation In Westchester

It’s one of the most popular choices among Westchester cycling routes. The reason is that it’s one of the best trails around the Hudson Valley. You can choose the “difficulty level” and have a decent workout, as well as enjoy the beautiful nature.

Ocean Parkway Bike Path

The five-mile trail will show you the true New York from Coney Island to Prospect Park. You will find yourself in the very heart of Brooklyn. The good news is that there are special bike paths for cyclists all the way long.

Shore Parkway Greenway

This is one of the most picturesque bike trails Brooklyn offers. While riding from Bensonhurst Park to Owl’s Head Park, you will enjoy the view of the Statue of Liberty, together with Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Hudson River Greenway Bike Path

This trail is very special. Although it’s rather long – the whole 11 miles – if lies through four amazing parks. Therefore, you are definitely going to connect with nature when moving from Little Red Lighthouse to Battery Park.

The Coney Island Broadwalk Trail

This option is ideal for those who want to visit Brooklyn and enjoy the sea view in the morning. We specified morning for a reason: you can only ride a bike between Sea Gate and Brighton Beach from 5 AM till 10 AM.

Roosevelt Island Greenway

This trail merely can’t be skipped. It covers the whole Roosevelt island and makes up 3.8 miles in the end. While riding, you will pass the famous Smallpox Memorial Hospital and Franklin D. Roosevelt Freedom Park. Don’t hesitate to stop and take a photo.

New Springville Greenway Bike Path

This trail offers you a three-miles ride that starts at Bulls Head. Although you may not find it as picturesque as other paths, you should definitely pay special attention to Freshkills Park. It used to be a landfill, but with time it was transformed into green space.

Bronx River Greenway

At the moment, you can’t complete the whole 23-miles trail. However, it’s still worth riding there. There are three parts that are available for riding now. If you are already tired, you can choose a short loop in Mount Vernon.

Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Bike Path

This is one of the best bike rides outside NYC, or better said Manhattan. The route is equipped for cyclists and even offers bike racks. From here, you can move to the Brooklyn Bridge if you have a bike path.

We hope our NYC bike map will guide you to amazing places that will impress you. Which trail do you like most?